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Suit up, masters of the mystic arts! This week, One Junky Summer hits some familiar targets. Another sequel, and another Cannon Film? Hell yes! Brian and Cargill fight their way out of paradise in American Ninja 2: The Confrontation!

(a.k.a American Ninja 2: Super Ninjas, a.k.a American Ninja 2: F### It!)

Full disclosure, American Ninja 2 is not the best film JFC has ever covered, but it is among the most hilariously misguided and irresistibly entertaining. The guys discuss the weird ninja movie phenomenon, what signature JCVD role should have gone to Michael Dudikoff, and they also discuss that time Buck Rodgers tried to pick up Cargill's mom?!

Confront your reservations and download one of our most fun shows to date!

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