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Ending 2014, as well as their holiday horror series, Brian and Cargill ring in and mouth off about the otherwise forgotten 80s slasher New Years Evil!

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Brian & Cargill promenade through a winter wonderland of terror as they joyfully dissect the entire Silent Night, Deadly Night film franchise.

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Cargill and Brian continue their holiday horror series with The Stepfather, the movie that Mike Brady doesn't want you to see!

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It's Christmas time here at JFC, so that can mean only one thing: horror movies? This month, Brian and Cargill carve a bloody trail across the calendar, celebrating films that violently sever joy from their designated seasons. First up, My Bloody Valentine.

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Brian and Cargill wrap up McGenreHey by throwing together a piping hot finale from the month's leftovers.

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Continuing through McGenreHey, Brian & Cargill further prove the power of McConaughey by dissecting a movie in which he is short on screentime, but flush with undeniable presence; thanks largely to a near perfect script by John Sayles.

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Brian and Cargill continue their forray into McGenreHey, this week discussing Frailty with almost as much zeal as Bill Paxton's demon-killing daddio

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Brian and Cargill begin McGenrehey, a month-long series on the great genre films of Matthew McConaughey, by taking a dragon-sized bite out of the post-apocalyptic masterpiece that is Reign of Fire.

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Scholocktober has come to and end, and Brian & Cargill finish their exploration of underrated 90s horror by touching on Fallen...which now probably means they are possessed by it.

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On their continued quest through the underrated horror flicks of the 1990s, Brian and Cargill accidentally traipse across a cursed cemetery and arouse Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight from its ancient slumber. Prepare yourself for the in-Zane-ity!

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