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Ending 2014, as well as their holiday horror series, Brian and Cargill ring in and mouth off about the otherwise forgotten 80s slasher New Years Evil!

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Brian & Cargill promenade through a winter wonderland of terror as they joyfully dissect the entire Silent Night, Deadly Night film franchise.

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Cargill and Brian continue their holiday horror series with The Stepfather, the movie that Mike Brady doesn't want you to see!

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It's Christmas time here at JFC, so that can mean only one thing: horror movies? This month, Brian and Cargill carve a bloody trail across the calendar, celebrating films that violently sever joy from their designated seasons. First up, My Bloody Valentine.

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Brian and Cargill wrap up McGenreHey by throwing together a piping hot finale from the month's leftovers.

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Continuing through McGenreHey, Brian & Cargill further prove the power of McConaughey by dissecting a movie in which he is short on screentime, but flush with undeniable presence; thanks largely to a near perfect script by John Sayles.

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Brian and Cargill continue their forray into McGenreHey, this week discussing Frailty with almost as much zeal as Bill Paxton's demon-killing daddio

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Brian and Cargill begin McGenrehey, a month-long series on the great genre films of Matthew McConaughey, by taking a dragon-sized bite out of the post-apocalyptic masterpiece that is Reign of Fire.

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Scholocktober has come to and end, and Brian & Cargill finish their exploration of underrated 90s horror by touching on Fallen...which now probably means they are possessed by it.

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On their continued quest through the underrated horror flicks of the 1990s, Brian and Cargill accidentally traipse across a cursed cemetery and arouse Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight from its ancient slumber. Prepare yourself for the in-Zane-ity!

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Brian and Cargill once again stare into the illimitable carrion pit of underappreciated 90s horror, and what spills upward is their immutable shared affection for Madness. That is to say, John Carptenter's In The Mouth of Madness.

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Brian and Cargill begin their month-long exploration of the underrated horror of the 1990s with Paul W.S. Anderson's Event Horizon. Enjoy this series all Schlocktober long!

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Brian and Cargill close out their two-part two-step on the weird and wonderful musicals of the late 70s/early 80s. Devils, transvestites and cool riders are scheduled to appear before the final curtain call.

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Cargill and Brian are the grand marshals as they lead a parade of weirdness through your brain streets. In the first movement of their two-part schlock symphony, the guys delve into some of their favorite bizarre musicals.

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Brian and Cargill don their foam horns and rainbow jackets to discuss one of their favorite comedies from the late, great Robin Williams. Though an often maligned film, the guys proudly sing the praises of Death to Smoochy!

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Wrapping up their curated series on sci-fi comedies, Cargill and Brian warp to a seldom trekked sector of the filmic universe. Setting phasers on geek-out, they expound upon the various merits of the underrated Galaxy Quest.

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Continuing on their month-long exploration of sci-fi comedies, Brian and Cargill steal some more of your time to wax affectionate about Terry Gilliam's dark and wonderful "kid's film:" Time Bandits.

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This week, Cargill and Brian take a few cues from good ol' Jack Burton. They're broadcasting from their own Porkchop Express and talking to anyone who's listening about the triumphant weirdness of John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China.

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Brian & Cargill begin their month-long foray into classic cult sci-fi comedies in honor of Guardians of the Galaxy. First up, they go gallivanting into the 8th dimension with Buckaroo Banzai.

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Behold, if you dare, the audio from the first ever live Junkfood Cinema broadcast! On July 4th, Brian and Cargill recorded their schlock-tastic podcast live from CONvergence in Minneapolis, where they discussed the greatness of Richard Matheson and his ongoing influence on genre fiction/film.

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Brian breaks down his Slop 10 of Die Hard knockoffs. Cargill feels like he's walking on broken glass.

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This week, Brian is joined by Culture Warrior and soon-to-be-doctor Landon Palmer for a discussion of the films of Elvis Presley. The King's oeuvre is examined as is the impact of these films on rock culture. Also, one of Elvis' movies was supposed to feature a talking camel...find out which!

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Cargill and Brian travel down some bad roads as they examine a few of their favorite killer car flicks. They'll pop the hood on titles like The Car, Duel, and Maximum Overdrive.

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Brian and Cargill go outside the Actor's Studio to examine the early horror films featuring now giantest star in the universe: George Clooney. They also delve deeply into a film that only barely exists.

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Cargill and Brian discuss the glorious genre pastiche that is 1983's Krull as well as delving into "the glaive problem" and why Krull is the perfect cinematic appetizer for Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Cargill and Brian trace an alternate cinematic timeline in which George Lucas had been successful in acquiring the rights to Flash Gordon and therefore never made Star Wars.

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Brian and Cargill discuss their favorite cinematic examples of urban fantasy in honor of Cargill's new book Queen of the Dark Things.

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Our favorite Bob Hoskins performances that aren't Eddie Valiant or Mr. Smee

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It's Man on Fire (1987) vs. Man on Fire (2004) on this week's episode.

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