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Cargill and I continue our journey through underrated horror sequels and end up in Haddonfield on the night HE came home...again!

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Brian and Cargill begin their celebration of their favorite horror sequels with the meta-as-hell Wes Craven's New Nightmare. Don't let them catch you sleeping!

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Brian and Cargill take you on a magical road trip replete with colorful characters, scenic weirdness, and a couple of unlikely prophets!

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Cargill takes over JFC and begins his random movie selections by explaining why he does blackflips for the gymnastics comedy Stick It!

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Welcome to the wasteland. Millions of movies living in the ruin of taste. Only one thing fighting for order in the chaos: Junkfood Cinema.

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Brian and Cargill are back with the sky-swashbuckling period superhero flick The Rocketeer. This exciting pulp-pourri features a stellar cast and crew, amazing specifity of references, and is possibly the best Howard Hughes biopic of all time. Sorry, Scorsese!

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The last call of Brian and Cargill's exploration of single-night flicks is the darkly excellent, woefully underappreciated Scorsese comedy After Hours!

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Continuing their tireless exploration of single-night movies, Brian and Cargill encourage you to survive Judgment Night! An amazing cast and stellar score elevate what could have otherwise been written off as the bro-iest movie of all time!

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Check your bedtime at the door, because this month Junkfood Cinema is celebrating those movies that take place over the course of one long evening. First up, we accompany Elizabeth Shue on her Adventures in Babysitting!

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Brian and Cargill turn in their badges and guns as they close the book on Buddy Cop July with the weird, offensive, and somehow wholly fantastic Freebie and the Bean!

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