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Finishing up their Modern Junkfood Masters series, Brian & Cargill explore the career and meteoric rise of James Wan. They also reveal how Wan's takeover of the Fast & Furious franchise was prophesied by his very first film.

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Brian and Cargill head to South America to herald their latest Modern Junkfood Masters. Marko Zaror and Ernesto Diaz Espinoza are Chilean the smackdown on genre cinema!

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Brian and Cargill continue to spotlight those up-and-coming genre filmmakers destined to be Junkfood Cinema legends. This week, Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett the director and writer, respectively of You're Next and The Guest.

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For the month of April, Brian & Cargill will be investigating those up-and-coming genre filmmakers destined to one day be JFC legends. First up, Adam Green (Hatchet) & Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom)!

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