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It's time to settle an age-old dispute, to put an end to the squabbling and declare a winner in the ultimate clash of geek titans...no, we're not talking about bloated blockbusters pitting dreary cape against dour haircut. This week, Cargill and I are heading back to the 80s and trading blows until we have a victor in the battle between The Goonies and The Monster Squad!

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This week, Brian and Cargill give you Nightmares! No, we're not talking about the sleep you'll lose thinking about their terrible diets, we mean the 1983 anthology horror flick Nightmares.

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Brian and Cargill flip (and cartwheel and handspring) over the relentless 2004 Thai actioner Born To Fight! The movie Gymkata wants to be when it grows up!

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After almost exactly two years of broadcasting, Brian and Cargill finally get to slam some evil with The Phantom!

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