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Brian and Cargill dig deep to unearth another fantastic gem of the summer of 1986! They were the problem, now they're on our side (and we're super excited they are): it's Band of the Hand!

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It's the movie Cargill called, "by far the strangest we've ever watched." Donkey sauce, James Bond on Tinder, and Brian's terrible student film are all wrapped up in our discussion of 1986's Never Too Young To Die! Stargrove!

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Brian and Cargill head to the cinema sewer to unearth a forgotten relic that is also a fang-dang-tastic cult classic: 1986's Vamp!

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Junkfood Cinema invites you to take a day off. As part of the continuing One Junky Summer series, Brian and Cargill work very hard to dissect a classic movie about a guy who only ever wants to take it easy, connecting Ferris Bueller's Day Off with the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Sam Peckinpah, and...James Dean? Leisure rules, and so does this flick!

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