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Brian and Cargill get beautifully haunted by the kids of The Orphanage! One of the most beautiful, eerie, and gloriously heartbreaking horror films ever made and if you weren't afraid of children before...

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As our Festival of Fear continues, we slice our way through the fantastically meaty Der Samurai. What happens when people deny their primal urges and try to ignore the wolf at the door? Thank god Germany is here to answer those questions for us! Also, listen to the end for the lengthiest and most absurd food conversation this Junkfood podcast has yet seen! 

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Brian and Cargill go kill-crazy with Luke Evans in a WWE-produced horror film that, against all odds, doesn't suck! Listen, but don't bother trying to survive. No One Lives!

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Kicking off the 2016 Festival of Fear, an exploration of festival-discovered horror, Brian and Cargill slap on their anklets and attend a terrifying (and court ordered) homecoming with the New Zealand horror comedy Housebound!

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