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Celebrate Rex Manning Day with Brian and Cargill! They discuss the inescapable 90s charm of Empire Records (from the director of Pump Up the Volume) as well as share their own stories of minimum wage hijinks. Damn the man, save the Empire!

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Cargill and Brian would like to welcome you to The Rock! We take pleasure in gutting the notion that this 1996 actioner is basic, trashy, and/or brainless. The Rock is a uniquely structured spectacle that houses a wildly subversive political tone and one of cinema's most fascinatingly complex villains. All that, plus Brian can't stop doing a Sean Connery impression. Losers whine about their best, winners download and share this episode.

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Brian and Cargill are joined by Austin author/filmmaker Owen Egerton as they all spend one night in the 1980 haunted house masterpiece The Changeling. Subtle at points, starkly terrifying at others, and featuring one of the most heartbreaking opening sequences in cinema, The Changeling was a groundbreaking movie that influenced generations of horror, including Owen's latest film The Axe Murders of Villisca.

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Brian and Cargill usher in 2017 with a sneaky new episode of the podcast with far too many secrets...or at least secret sauces. They discuss the phenomenal cast of Sneakers, its ultra cool James Horner score, and where it sits in the Robert Redford spy trilogy. We could tell you more about this episode, but then we'd have to kill you.

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