Junkfood Cinema

It's the third anniversary of Junkfood Cinema and Brian and Cargill are bugging out as they welcome director/previous episode subject Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, Everly) to join their discussion of the most Fulci-esque Argento movie of all time: 1985's Phenomena (aka Creepers).

Can't decide if you want a serial killer giallo or a movie about a girl who can communicate with insects or a Donald-Pleasence-wheelchair-detective mystery or a revenge flick? No need! Phenomena hits the crazy button and unleashes all those movies in its third act! It's the film that may very well have coined the term bugnuts.

But wait, this episode has a third act twist! A live tasting of the junk food pairing, and it's...horrifying. Check out Joe's podcast The Movie Crypt and make sure to see his latest film Mayhem when it is released in a theater near you!

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