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Brian & Cargill kick off Buddy Cop July with a live preformance at CONvergence in Minneapolis! It's live so...things may get more absurd than Jack Palance!

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Brian and Cargill end Junkfood Summer School with a graduate course on one of the most bizarre teen comedies of the 80s: The Last American Virgin.

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Brian and Cargill lead this month's Junkfood Summer School on a field trip to the super excellent Sky High!

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Class is back in session as Brian and Cargill teach you a dozen things they love about 10 Things I Hate About You

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It may be June, but Brian & Cargill are headed back to school! All month long, they'll learn ya all about some of their favorite teen comedies!

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Brian and Cargill travel back, or rather forward, in time to do battle with the magnificently insane sci-fi sword-and-sandal flick Yor, The Hunter from the Future!

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Start spreadin' the news! Cargill & I are finally talking about one of our all time favorite movies: John Carpenter's Escape from New York!

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Brian and Cargill push their sleeves up and dig into Michael Mann's director's cut of Miami Vice. They chew on the differences in the two versions and try to digest the possibility that it might be the last great Mann film.

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Setting aside their usual M.O. of monthly themes, Brian & Cargill pick some of their favorite random cult and exploitation flicks on which to wax way more poetic than the FDA could possibly approve. This week, they herald the violent, and violently maligned Punisher: War Zone

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Finishing up their Modern Junkfood Masters series, Brian & Cargill explore the career and meteoric rise of James Wan. They also reveal how Wan's takeover of the Fast & Furious franchise was prophesied by his very first film.

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