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March Madness is still afflicting Brian and Cargill as they continue their exploration of their favorite maniacs, madmen, and lunatics in film. This week, they savor Terry Gilliam's insanely excellent Twelve Monkey's

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For the second entry in their March Madness series, Brian and Cargill examine the film that pits macho (Charles Bronson) against maniac (naked serial killer): 10 to Midnight.

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Brian and Cargill begin a new curated series entitled March Madness. First up during this month-long exploration of their favorite cinematic loons, kooks, and/or whackjobs: Alone in the Dark (1982).

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Closing out their month-long celebration of their favorite black character actors, Brian & Cargill wax nerdy about the great Delroy Lindo. Click to download this episode that will take you from the core of the Earth to a jaunt across parallel universes!

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This week, Brian & Cargill drop some F-bombs with the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson. Sure, you know the man, but in his long career of character roles, there are bound to be a few flicks that you missed.

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Brian & Cargill continue their celebration of their favorite black character actors. This time around, they truck across 110th street to sing the praises of the great Yaphet Kotto!

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Brian and Cargill begin their month-long celebration of their favorite black character actors. First up, a man whose talent is so stellar that he is literally The Brother from Another Planet: Joe Morton.

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In the grand finale of their Debut Films series, Brian and Cargill don their best black suits, gather at the Junkfood Diner, and discuss the cultural and cinematic impact of Quentin Tarantino's explosive first film: Reservoir Dogs.

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Cargill and Brian step back into the ring and go a few more rounds with another prominent director's first film: Walter Hill's Hard Times.

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Continuing on their exploration of first films from prominent directors, Brian & Cargill steal a little of your time to talk about Michael Mann's Thief.

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