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One shall stand, one shall fall...and then we also have a special guest! Professor Jeff from RageSelect.com joins the leadership matrix of Brian and Cargill to discuss the impossibly dark Transformers: The Movie. With a rocking soundtrack and a staggering amount of brutal deaths to popular characters, this film was going to be made...no matter the cost.

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As summer fades into fall, and the Halloween season, Brian and Cargill prove their metal by rocking out to the obscure, but fantastic, 1986 horror flick Trick or Treat!

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Buckle up, because Brian and Cargill are hitting the road with the world's worst passenger: Rutger Hauer. Download and listen to hear how 1986's The Hitcher is a high-speed fusion of Strangers on a Train and Mad Max crammed into the driver's seat of a late-model urban legend.

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Brian and Cargill step into the pod to discuss the gross and the glory of David Cronenberg's 1986 masterpiece The Fly. Be afraid, be moderately afraid.

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Brian and Cargill bring their summer series full circle by discussing the 1986 beach comedy that is its namesake. It sure has been One Crazy Summer!

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For Junkfood Cinema's 100th episode (holy cow), Brian and Cargill investigate one of the greatest crime flicks of all time that is sadly overshadowed by the subsequent films and TV shows of the franchise it launched. Manhunter is a masterpiece and a shining example of how the right director at the right time in history can produce pure, dark magic.

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One of the most important horror films of the 1980s wears the mask of a run-of-the-mill slasher sequels. Download and listen to the episode approved by director Tom McLoughlin!

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Brian and Cargill dig deep to unearth another fantastic gem of the summer of 1986! They were the problem, now they're on our side (and we're super excited they are): it's Band of the Hand!

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It's the movie Cargill called, "by far the strangest we've ever watched." Donkey sauce, James Bond on Tinder, and Brian's terrible student film are all wrapped up in our discussion of 1986's Never Too Young To Die! Stargrove!

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Brian and Cargill head to the cinema sewer to unearth a forgotten relic that is also a fang-dang-tastic cult classic: 1986's Vamp!

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