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Setting aside their usual M.O. of monthly themes, Brian & Cargill pick some of their favorite random cult and exploitation flicks on which to wax way more poetic than the FDA could possibly approve. This week, they herald the violent, and violently maligned Punisher: War Zone

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Finishing up their Modern Junkfood Masters series, Brian & Cargill explore the career and meteoric rise of James Wan. They also reveal how Wan's takeover of the Fast & Furious franchise was prophesied by his very first film.

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Brian and Cargill head to South America to herald their latest Modern Junkfood Masters. Marko Zaror and Ernesto Diaz Espinoza are Chilean the smackdown on genre cinema!

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Brian and Cargill continue to spotlight those up-and-coming genre filmmakers destined to be Junkfood Cinema legends. This week, Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett the director and writer, respectively of You're Next and The Guest.

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For the month of April, Brian & Cargill will be investigating those up-and-coming genre filmmakers destined to one day be JFC legends. First up, Adam Green (Hatchet) & Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom)!

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To wrap up their March Madness series, Brian and Cargill discuss William Peter Blatty's The Ninth Configuration; the greatest movie ever to be produced by a soda company.

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This week, Brian and Cargill compare and contrast George A. Romero's The Crazies with its 2010 remake. They pit these two visions of apocalyptic insanity head to severed head, and the results may surprise you.

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March Madness is still afflicting Brian and Cargill as they continue their exploration of their favorite maniacs, madmen, and lunatics in film. This week, they savor Terry Gilliam's insanely excellent Twelve Monkey's

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For the second entry in their March Madness series, Brian and Cargill examine the film that pits macho (Charles Bronson) against maniac (naked serial killer): 10 to Midnight.

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Brian and Cargill begin a new curated series entitled March Madness. First up during this month-long exploration of their favorite cinematic loons, kooks, and/or whackjobs: Alone in the Dark (1982).

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